Chamber Aspirator-Ventilator

Chamber Aspirator-Ventilator

ES-AT is a chamber aspirator with a dense bladed fan and ES-RDH is a chamber aspirator with a rare bladed fan.

The aluminium framework and edge profiles which built the framework consists of extruded aluminum for the chamber aspirator. Profile inner surfaces are designed as completely closed in this way, the accumulation of dirt inside the unit is prevented.

Structural shapes and rods which are developed by our company are used in the unit, which means there are no screws and rivets on the outer surface of the casing.
Mineral wool or polyurethane is placed between the galvanized steel plates with the purpose of sound and thermal insulation. The thickness of a standard panel is 25 mm, and if requested the thickness can be increased up to 50 mm.

The device sizes for chamber aspirators, are changed according to the direction of the suction and blowing nozzles. For this reason, for each direction different dimensions are specified in the tables.

Depending on the air sucked from the room, a fan with dense blades or less blades should be used. In cases where high pressure is required and for oily air suction, it is recommended to choose an ES-RDH series rare blade aspirator.


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