Es-Kon Ventilation Systems was established in 1970 in Ankara for production of ventilation systems and relevant products. A second factory was established in Ukraine in 2004 for the Ukrainian, Russian, Caucasian and Turkic Republics. Es-Kon has been actively exporting HVAC products to other world markets since 2004.

Since its establishment, Es-Kon has offered the most proper solutions with modern and efficient technologies to the customers in the standards of the era. With more than half a century of production, service and technical service experience, Es-Kon always prioritizes customer satisfaction and aims to increase this satisfaction with each new customer.

In our company, the requirements of certificates such as ISO 9001 and CE certificates are applied according to the quality requirements.

In order to be the leader of the market, Es-Kon keeps up with the developing conditions of the age and grows day by day with open-minded management, dynamic engineers and experienced technical staff.